Paulette Attie was a student of spiritual and esoteric teachings for over thirty years. Meditation was a regular part of her daily practice. Early one May morning, something unusual happened. Here's how she describes it in her own words. . .

Received a series of "downloads" for 8 consecutive nights.

"I received the first in a series of meditations that continued every night for eight nights in a row. I've gotten many profound insights in meditations, but I've never received a series of installments that evolved into a unified theme."

Each installment began with a new story.

"After taking in and marveling at the latest episode, I could barely wait to find out what the next installment would bring. I never doubted another one was coming. I even saved what I began to call The Keys for my nighttime meditation. It gave me something to look forward to all day."

Not just visualization and affirmations, but down to earth practicality.

The book is filled with fascinating stories and exercises to transform the life of anyone willing to apply what's offered.

Paulette learned how to reach higher levels of success, and deeper levels of peace.

So can you!

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