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Everyone struggles and searches and wants to improve: Everyone deserves a better life. The difference between people who remain stuck and those who gain a joyful life is the decision to step out of their comfort (or discomfort) zone and heal themselves.

If you’re:Paulette A low-res(1)

  • Tired of struggling
  • Yearning to feel a connection
  • Frustrated with the relationships you’ve cultivated

If loving yourself fully and completely is a challenge, there is hope.

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Introducing the book:


  • Reach higher levels of success.
  • Experience the beauty and joy in life.
  • Become more loving.
  • Stay positive in what’s often a negative world.
  • Inspire laughter and support healing tears.
  • Get out there every day and do your best.
  • Achieve deeper levels of peace.


“Paulette shares some of her secrets and provides readers with a step by step plan for revitalizing their own lives and realizing their own potential. Nobody could have written this book but Paulette, but anybody can gain from it.”

- CBS News Anchor Charles Osgood


You might accept whatever comes your way, not by choice, but by chance and misfortune. With that strategy, unresolved emotional buildup continuously grows inside. But – if you do decide to pave the way toward a new life – come to Create Your Future Now and you’ll have:


Powerful techniques to help you change the course of your life forever

Principles and exercises designed to get you to your goals and desires

Soothing meditations to enjoy right away

Easy to read, funny and empowering anecdotes from world figures and people like you

Strategies to develop more empathy for others and compassion for yourself


Create Your Future Now details 7 Keys to a more accepting, more fulfilling life:

  1. The First Key: Disidentify

What it means to disidentify and overcome the endless judgments and incessant mind chatter.

  1. The Second Key: Faith

The difference between blind faith, faith and trust.

  1. The Third Key: Love

Love and all of its beautiful magic.

  1. The Fourth Key: Fearlessness

The true meaning of fearlessness and how to develop courage.

  1. The Fifth key: Non-Action

Becoming non-active in healthy ways that allow for introspection.

  1. The Sixth Key: Beauty

Finding and appreciating beauty in everyday life.

  1. The Seventh Key: The End of Polarity

Ending arbitrary separations and living in acceptance of yourself and others.

And a little surprise added in.


“With her life wisdom, profound stories, and revealing exercises, Paulette Attie opens doors that lead us to our God-given personal power. The Keys belong on your cosmic keychain!”

Rabbi and award-winning author Malka Drucker


Find out for yourself:

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